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eZuce is an innovative technology company that provides a visually integrated unified collaboration environment to small and medium enterprises. eZuce delivers enterprise class voice, unified messaging, instant messaging, audio, web, and video conferencing. Our solutions leverage eZuce OriginTM (formerly known as openUC), an open standards software platform that supports any end-user device while delivering virtually unlimited scalability, robust functionality, and flexible cloud/on premise deployment options. Combined with an open-source economic model, eZuce Origin slashes both operating and capital expenses to deliver unprecedented value among enterprise-class visual collaboration and unified communications solutions.
  • Tips for presenters

Presenter PC Suggestions

Tips for Presenters
The two most 2 important factors for a successful use of the Plenary meeting are:

The PC used by the Presenter for cameras, screen sharing, and media playback (audio or video files)
The network and Internet connection quality

Presenter’s Computer
The PC should at a minimum follow the requirements for SRN, outlined in the Client Requirements […]

  • Vibe SRN PC requirements

Learn General PC Requirements

General PC Requirements for Vibe and SRN

For the optimal user experience please see requirements below:

Internet Connectivity

Internet Bandwidth
Firewall rules 

Personal Computers

Operating Systems
Personal Computer RAM
Personal Computer Software

Mobile Devices

Operating Systems
Android requirements

H.323 Devices

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  • participants vibe srn plenary mode

Learn About Plenary Mode for Participants

Find out What Participants need to know about Plenary Mode
This TechNote includes information about joining the meeting and the functions of Raise Hand.

What is a Plenary Meeting?
Joining the Meeting
The User Experience
Your Camera image

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  • vibe SRN plemary moderator

Learn About Plenary Mode for Moderators

What is Plenary Mode?
Plenary Mode for Vibe or SRN is designed for conference style meetings where a presenter is sharing their video and desktop with many users who are viewing the presentation.

This is an alternative to a Roundtable or Open meeting and allows for one or more Presenters to be seen by the Audience members, who are […]

  • uniteme unified communications

eZuce’s uniteme 17.10 Release Now Available

eZuce is pleased to announce the General Availability of uniteme 17.10.

This release of uniteme contains only a small set of new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Version 17.10’s larger purpose is to deliver on some important enhancements for reachme.


We’ve separated the reachme release notes as that product will be transitioning to a stand-alone application with […]

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  • Reachme Contact Center is a modern Call Center and Help Desk solution that helps customers find the right person, with the right skills, at the right time.

reachme 17.10 is Available Now!

eZuce is pleased to announce the General Availability of reachme 17.10.

The purpose of delivering a 17.10 release was to more immediately address some Architectural improvements with statistics generation in reachme. Focusing on these improvements early and getting them released allows the engineering staff to better focus on some other near-term goals for our next generation […]

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  • Uniteme and Reachme

uniteme and reachme 17.10 beta announcement

We’re pleased to announce uniteme 17.10 Unified Communications and reachme 17.10 Contact Center Beta Releases.

We’re separating the release announcements for the two products now as the next release of reachme will become a stand-alone product.

Please see the respective announcements linked below:

uniteme 17.10 Beta Release Announcement

reachme 17.10 Beta Release Announcement
As with other Beta Releases from eZuce […]

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  • Insight Newsletter

Latest Insight Newsletter

We’ve had a busy summer! New software updates for our uniteme unified communications, reachme contact center and viewme video conferencing solutions are now available! We have also been working hard on our new Vibe Team Collaboration solution and are looking for Beta testers now! Join us on September 13th at 11 am EST to learn […]

  • Uniteme and Reachme

uniteme and reachme Beta Release 17.08

August 23, 2017
eZuce is pleased to announce the 17.08 Beta Release of the uniteme unified communications and reachme contact center solutions. As a beta release, some of these notes may be revised before the actual release.

We’ve been busy since 17.04! While we’ve been working hard on the next generation ‘Docker-ized’ version of uniteme and reachme we’ve added […]

  • solar eclipse

No Solar Eclipse Glasses? No Problem!

Collaboration App Enabled Company-Wide Solar Eclipse Viewing
At our virtual company-wide All hands weekly meeting last Friday the topic of the Solar Eclipse came up. We learned that Matt, one of our colleagues would have the best view of the Solar Eclipse. He offered to record the eclipse live from Sweetwater Tennessee so those of us […]