eZuce for Financial Services

Enable your employees in many distributed branch offices to act promptly to all customer issues through integrated communications solutions. eZuce empowers co-workers to respond quickly and accurately via voice, video or instant messaging. All at the right time, at the right place and with the right device. It will result in higher satisfaction at both ends: the customer and your staff. It is more likely that a customer becomes your business’ advocate if his/her problem was solved quickly, accurately and professionally.

With stricter compliance needs, financial services organizations have a higher hurdle to move to cloud based infrastructure.  According to IDC, a full 77 percent of enterprise users are looking to deploy private cloud infrastructure to streamline IT operations, increase flexibility, improve disaster recovery procedures, and save on operating costs. eZuce can help meet these requirements.

Benefits are easy to understand

  • Consolidate your infrastructure into your private cloud
  • Save on operating costs
  • Integrate communications into the IT organization
  • Offer better service to your users with more features
  • Consolidate your trunks for significant cost savings
  • Use VoIP to communicate between branches and eliminate carrier cost
  • Create a social business environment with higher productivity
  • Integrate communications into all your business processes and applications
  • No proprietary hardware required – transition to software instead

Now there is an alternative to continuing with your old legacy system. Contact eZuce to discuss your specific return on investment (ROI) profile and see how an upgrade to a software-based system can deliver dramatic savings over upgrading to the newest release of a legacy system.

“eZuce provided the commercial support that we needed to ensure the level of service and feature enhancements we required. With several locations and a combination of hosted and premised based systems, eZuce Uniteme brought the solution together while lowering our operating costs significantly.”
Eliot Robinson , Sterling National Bank
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Centralizing Branch Office Communications

There are several advantages to centralizing your branch office voice communications solution. Combining data and voice networks can bring substantial cost savings while centralized management brings greater control and increased service levels. Find out how eZuce can help your organization realize these benefits.Learn More
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Blockchain for Free Calling

Blockchain for Free Calling
eZuce Partners with ENUMER to Make this  a Reality for UniteMe and sipXcom
Free Calling and ENUM
Making free and easy calls across the Internet is always one of the dreams organizations have as they implement their VoIP systems.

The ENUM standard seeks to map phone numbers as defined by the E.164 standard ( to DNS names. ENUM as a proposed standard has been around […]

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