eZuce provides full-featured visually integrated unified collaboration solutions to small and medium enterprises at an affordable price.

The company’s solutions leverage a commercial open source software and service model to deliver industry leading value to its customers and partners.

eZuce OriginTM (formerly known as openUC) provides the platform with virtually unlimited scalability, robust functionality and flexible cloud/on-premise deployment options.

eZuce OriginTM helps us continuously innovate and slash both operating and capital expenses.

More than a PBX Replacement

Yes, our solutions can replace your traditional voice communications gear called PBX and desktop phones hanging off of it. Yes, we can also replace your costly telepresence systems for a fraction of the cost. But what we really take pride in is how we help you bring in workforce (talent) insight into your business processes.

As enterprises invest in expensive CRM, ERP, big data analytics and business heuristics tools, the stakes are getting even higher to engage the right workforce insight at the right time. Our full suite of visually integrated unified collaboration solutions do just that! The end result is swift and accurate decisions.

My Enterprise

eZuce was established to bring cloud ready voice, chat and video communications and collaboration to mid and large enterprises.  Our solutions allow organizations to migrate from legacy and proprietary PBX and telepresence systems in a controlled and cost effective manner.   In today’s competitive market place, agility and time to market are more important than ever and having a communications platform that can adapt quickly to changing business requirements can make the difference between winning and losing.  Let eZuce help transform the way your team communicates.

Company Background

Since its inception in 2010, eZuce has established a proven track record of delivering innovative and cost effective real-time communications and collaboration solutions. As a venture backed start-up, eZuce has brought a unique business model to market. eZuce drives innovation by combining commercial software development techniques and resources with established open source projects. Utilizing agile development cycles to deliver new capabilities, eZuce has been able to reduce time to market.

The company has built a credentialed installed base of enterprise customers and a global network of partners. Fully committed to the commercial open source model, eZuce is pioneering the advancement of visually integrated enterprise collaboration. Through its sponsorship of existing sipXecs and newly initiated sipXcom open source projects, the company provides open alternatives to the expensive big brand offerings from Cisco and Microsoft.

Be there

At eZuce, we are passionate about changing the way people collaborate within the enterprise. By emphasizing visual interaction, the human factor and user centricity, eZuce software and service solutions enable individuals and teams to collaborate on their terms, to be there for the business at the right time at the right place with the right device. Be there! Bring Your Own Insight!