Solutions for Enterprise IT Professionals

eZuce works directly with best-practice IT organizations from enterprise customers around the world. Marquee customers span industry verticals such as Technology, Retail, Higher Education, Research and the Public sector.

“With eZuce, we were able to replace a legacy PBX system that required 30 dedicated servers with an open, flexible software solution deployed on just five Linux servers. We estimate that the cost savings in hardware, support and licensing over the next two years will cover the entire cost of deploying eZuce, even though we will add hundreds of new users each year.”
Chris Stierle,Senior Manager,Global Network Services, Red Hat, Inc.

Enterprise customers are drawn to eZuce because they prioritize value and cost over brand recognition. They have a taste for direct interaction with an innovative technology vendor and an appreciation for disruptive business models.

Our developers are the innovative force behind the sipXcom (formerly SIPfoundry) open source community which gives enterprise IT organizations immediate access to and experience with our Unified Communications solutions. Enterprise customers often choose uniteme, a more feature-rich version of sipXcom that comes with end-user license and tier-3 technical support from eZuce.

Direct relationships with these enterprises provide us with invaluable primary market insight, ensuring we remain on the right innovation path. Portfolio enhancements gained here get passed to our Service Provider partners enabling them to take our cloud-ready unified communications and video collaboration solutions to small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) under their own brand. It’s a perfectly balanced, win-win duality that continuously fuels eZuce’s differentiation in the marketplace.

These deployment and procurement options are available for Enterprises:

eZuce offers support for both sipXcom open source unified communications and unitme UC solutions

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