eZuce Introduces New Managed Service Providers (MSP) Portal for Viewme Video Collaboration Management

video collaboration managementeZuce is pleased to announce the availability of the new MSP interface for eZuce’s Viewme video collaboration system. Designed with the MSP’s operations team in mind, the new MSP portal allows for the easy creation and management of their customer portfolio. Additionally, the Viewme MSP portal provides the ability to evaluate individual customer collaboration usage and trending.  These capabilities enable predictive adjustments to the underlying infrastructure to meet customer demand and reduce costs. 

To better manage different customers, the concept of a “Provisioning Team” has been established in the new portal. Provisioning Team members will be able to create, manage and suspend customer services. The Provisioning Team will also be able to assist customers with creating and managing their own users. By creating this easy to use and secure management portal for Viewme MSP partners, eZuce continues to make it easy for partners to deliver premium video collaboration services at very attractive rates.

The MSP Portal has the ability to set limits on customer usage of the system in a variety of ways. This allows MSP’s to sell collaboration by number of users, number of rooms, number of participants per room, etc. Partners can now control the look and feel of their accounts administration and user portals from a simple easy-to-configure option within the portal. This allows for simple, efficient customization of the service on an account by account basis.

“With the new MSP Portal we are really in the driver’s seat with respect to managing our customers and their users.” says Sean Washington, Director of Operations at NetCarrier in Lansdale, PA. “eZuce listened to us and has provided a tool that really meets our specific needs.” concludes Washington.

“We are pushing the envelope with respect to redefining the MSP experience for delivering video collaboration services. You can expect eZuce to not only simplify account provisioning and management but also greatly reduce the operating costs of our partners.” stated Jerry Stabile, CEO of eZuce. “Our Software Defined Video Collaboration platform will continue to innovate on how video service delivery operates but also on total cost of ownership.”

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