ANDOVER, Mass., April 3, 2018 – eZuce Inc., a leading provider of unified communications and team collaboration solutions, today announced the release of Vibe, their powerful Nextgen Team Collaboration solution. Vibe is significantly different than other “meeting first” video conferencing solutions designed for one-and-done meetings. Vibe’s always-on open office concept takes a “community first” approach to collaboration. While individual meetings may still occur, the real value of Vibe is in its ability to provide entire organizations with one shared, collaborative workspace.

Vibe runs in the shadows, a click away as the need to collaborate arises. Vibe emulates the same natural flow as one would expect in a physical office yet makes it available virtually. Instead of meeting in a colleague’s office or joining a team meeting in a conference room, community members can hop in and out of virtual meetings as needed, invite others to join meetings on the fly or chat with the whole community, an individual or an entire team. All members have easy access to voice, video, conferencing, persistent chat and simultaneous screen sharing. Every member that logs into Vibe can participate in the full community’s shared space or when needed interact in a team-defined community room to participate in daily scrums, discuss issues in real time, solve problems faster and interact with peers throughout the workday.

Vibe is a response to the needs of the modern knowledge worker – whether part of a globally distributed team, in an office or the next cube, individuals want the choice to work from their own physical workspace. In this FOMO-driven, distracted world, managing multiple projects, bearing numerous roles and responsibilities while remaining present and current with all that is happening around you is the new norm. Vibe empowers workers to collaborate on their terms with the freedom to choose how they interact and the luxury to work from where they are most comfortable. Based on their needs, at any given time, users can choose their mode of communication whether to engage with their work community or lock the virtual door to remain private and avoid interruption.In addition to H.323/SIP-based huddle or conference room system operability, customizable control of video tiles, guest access via WebRTC and concurrent desktop sharing, Vibe differentiates through several patent-pending features such as:

  • Embedded Softphone – to make/take/merge calls to/from SIP conference endpoints even while in meetings.
  • App Tabs – to ensure the right web-based business process apps are available in the right meeting. No more searching through browser tabs.
  • Meeting Privacy – to minimize interrupts and keep privacy through a door locking/knocking paradigm.
  • Universal Multimedia Player – to stream HD-quality video or audio files directly into a meeting through a separate video tile.

“Vibe has a distinctly different feel than other virtual workspace and teaming offerings because of its video-first mindset,” reports Ira M. Weinstein, managing partner at Recon Research. “In addition, Vibe allows each participant to send multiple video and content streams simultaneously – a capability that adds another level of ‘connectedness’ to the collaboration session.”

Vibe is built on eZuce’s highly scalable, multi-tenant, fault-tolerant and truly SDN communications PaaS technology that significantly reduces operating costs. Service Provider partners and Enterprise customers have the choice of rolling out their service directly from eZuce or bringing in their own edge servers in a hybrid setting to further lower costs. Migration from one deployment option to another is possible without loss of service continuity. Vibe can be an offered as a service and is brandable within two weeks of receipt of artwork.

“We want to make sure our innovative team collaboration solution is accessible via the most affordable pricing out there,” said Osman Duman, president and CEO of eZuce Inc. “Enterprises can choose between two competitive pricing models – a fixed user-based price or our new consumption-based pricing option. Current market pricing based on bundling of the number of hosts and rooms are in fact insurance policies to secure profits for vendors.”

Vibe comes with a whole new approach to delivery and pricing schemes for collaboration as a service, passing the cost efficiencies of operating from the cloud directly to the end user.

*Pricing Details:

Competitive Per-User pricing is available for those who prefer it. Those who opt for consumption-based pricing will be provided a detailed usage report and what-if pricing to see savings over per-user pricing.

Per-User Pricing*: Comes with unlimited meeting duration and unlimited usage. Options are:

  • $6 per user  per month when provided from the eZuce Cloud
  • $3 per user per month when provided from the Your Own Cloud

Consumption-Based Pricing*: Comes with unlimited users/rooms.

  • $149 per units of 1,000 session-hours when provided from the eZuce Cloud
  • Much lower custom pricing when provided from Your Own Cloud
  • Session-hours are based on time end-users spent in active sessions

(*) Minimum quantities apply

Vibe is available now. For more information about Vibe, please contact eZuce.

*updated April 23, 2018

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eZuce is changing the way people collaborate within the enterprise. By emphasizing visual interaction, the human factor and user-centricity, eZuce software and service solutions enable individuals and teams to collaborate on their terms. eZuce is an innovative technology company that provides a visually integrated unified collaboration environment to enterprise customers and service provider partners around the world.

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*updated April 23, 2018