eZuce SRN (formerly SeeVogh) gets a Makeover in New Beta Release

December 21, 2015

eZuce is in the process of updating the eZuce SRN platform giving it a fresh look and feel in addition to adding multiple new features and improvements. As a first step, we are releasing the Beta version and inviting our loyal SRN community members to test out the platform and provide feedback to our development team via the SRN forum. eZuce is excited to share our progress to the SRN service and we are working towards an official general release in early 2016. So if you are a current SRN member, sign up to test the Beta and you can witness these improvements as they are implemented!

eZuce SRN Beta Release 3.2.0 Summary

eZuce is pleased to announce the Beta Release of the new SRN Client which contains a number of new features as well as some bug fixes. A video describing some of the new features is available here.


SRN New Features:

  • New client look & feel.
  • Transcoded videos now includes user nicknames in the window.
  • Video grouping if a user has multiple cameras on their system.
  • Picture in picture when user opens deskshare.
  • When in Aparté new deskshare sessions are between Aparté participants only.
  • Client remembers last video mode used and uses that in new meeting.
  • Add Turkish translation to desktop clients.

SRN Fixes:

  • Fix for some GUI issues
  • Fix some issues with SIP SDP (Session Description Protocol)
  • SIP NAT (Network Address Translation) fixes
  • SIP Registration fix


  1. For more information and resources please visit http://srn.ezuce.com/documentation/
  2. NEW – Helpful videos are available here: http://ezuce.com/resources/videos/

(Viewme videos may help with some of the new SRN features).

Who Should Try the Beta

All SRN users are welcome to try the beta client version.

Upgrade Instructions

Users may manually get the download from here

Install the Beta Client as a new client – it will not replace the current GA client, so if you have problems you can continue to use the existing GA client.

Reporting Issues

Your assistance is greatly appreciated in helping us strengthen the product:

Please report  any issues with the Beta client to ‘support@ezuce.com’.

Report any feedback / suggestions / comments or questions to: srnsupport@ezuce.com


eZuce – SRN Beta Release Announcement v1 12112016