eZuce SRN research network video conferencing

eZuce is pleased to announce the release of eZuce SRN 3.3.2.


This new release contains a number of new features as well as some bug fixes.

Two exciting new features that we’ve been working on for a while hit general availability with this release. The new SIP Telephone feature allows users to make and take phone calls while they are in meetings and bridge those calls into the meeting if they’d like.  The new Universal Player feature allows meeting participants to play video or audio files directly into a meeting as another camera.


eZuce SRN New Features:

  • SIP Telephone
    • Register with your SIP credentials to make / receive calls
    • Join / split call from meeting
    • Setup unique ringtones
  • Universal Player – Play video and audio while in meeting
    • Plays many media formats (avi, mpeg, mov, mp3, wav, etc.)
    • Share your media with others in the meeting
  • Support of MJPEG USB cameras
  • Better support of right-to-left languages
  • Option to disable system messages

eZuce SRN Fixes:

  • Reset of Autologin if login fails
  • Fix crash on Mac on exit
  • Fix auto-configure on BlackMagic
  • Fix caps-lock when showing full screen
  • Fix proxy connection


  1. Please see the new eZuce srn page available to srn users at http://srn.ezuce.com.
  2. Helpful videos are available here: http://srn.ezuce.com/resources/videos/

Who Should Upgrade

All eZuce SRN users should upgrade to the latest client version.

Upgrade Instructions

Users should automatically be prompted to download and install the new version when they first run the application after the version has been made available.

Users may manually get the download from http://srn.ezuce.com/downloads/