eZuce’s new Viewme Cloud Video Conferencing solution offers a worldwide network of servers

By leveraging cloud services from industry leaders such as Amazon, Google and IBM we are able to locate services close to users. The single biggest reason to offer cloud video conferencing services close to users is for much lower latency. Lower latency translates to better quality video experiences when having meetings that may span multiple continents.

Cloud video conferencing


If a meeting has attendees from North America, Europe and Asia, users will connect automatically to their closest server for video conferencing. When clients start they determine the best server to connect to. If connectivity to a server degrades during a call the client can automatically select a new server, often without the user even noticing a break in the meeting. Servers optimally transport video and voice between themselves before finding their way to the rest of the users in a meeting.

Also by operating in the cloud, eZuce is able to leverage the cloud the way it was intended. To meet peak demand we can spin up additional servers as needed exactly where they are needed. This helps us keep services affordable yet robust.

So, give us a try, sign up for our free trial and find out how good a true video collaboration service can be.