Hands-on Call recording on openUC (technical aspects)

Here is another entry to my hands-on series with a solution to record calls using The Open Source Enterprise Telephony Recording and Retrieval System – Oreka, as you all know we at eZuce love open source software! I will be focusing solely on the technical aspects of the solution. Since openUC uses a purely SIP proxy environment, communication is point to point, and traffic should be captured between end devices. By using a switch with management, a port mirroring policy is enforced that forwards targeted traffic to a specific port where the call recording software listens.

My environment consists of a cluster of three openUC servers, an HP 2615 switch, a virtual machine where the Oreka server is installed, and two Polycom phones.

unified communication call recording


Follow these three steps:

Step 1: Configure port mirroring on HP switch:

a. Connect to switch management IP and go to Troubleshooting ?
b. Port Mirroring sub-menub. Add destination port (port where Oreka server is connected) and ports that you want to monitor (ports where openUC and phones are connected)

unified communications call recording


Step 2. Install Oreka software

a. Download OrkAudio and OrkWeb from this site http://oreka.sourceforge.net/download/
b. Install a Centos minimal image
c. Copy and execute installation scripts on newly installed CentOS
d. OrkAudio will be installed without any issues
e.Before installing OrkWeb make sure you have installed mysql server with this command “yum install mysql-server” and start it with this command “service mysqld start”
f. Next just follow script instructions

Step 3. OrkAudio configuration

a.You will need to open some ports in the firewall. Since this was just a lab environment I’ve simply stopped iptables with this command “service iptables stop”
b. Identify what interface is in use with “ifconfig -a”
c. Edit/etc/orkaudio/default.xml with your preferred text editor and add the correct interface; if eth0 is active interface you need to add this line <Devices>eth0</Devices>

Step 4. Make test calls and listen/download recorded calls

a. ext. 2000 calls ext. 2001
b. From management laptop connect to OrkWeb UI at this URL http://<Your_IP>:8080/orkweb/
c. Listen calls
d. If you want to download calls, you will need to connect with an ftp/scp client to /var/log/orkaudio/audio/ and copy what call(s) you need.

unified communication call recording


Learn more about openUC and call recording here!