ISV/OEM – Independent Software Vendors and Original Equipment Manufacturers
Embedding Communications into the Solution

Real-time communication is not easy.  Developing the technology behind the solution is even more difficult. Our technology experts and development team can help accelerate the delivery of RTC features and applications to your customers.  Utilizing modern programming techniques and an Agile development process, eZuce can respond quickly to ISV/OEM requirements which impacts time to revenue. The eZuce Origin architecture has extensive integration capabilities which speed up the development cycle and get you to market with new features faster.

“We have been in the videoconferencing business for over two decades and we have witnessed its evolution.
Viewme helped us lead our subscribers to the future of business meetings with their anytime anywhere solution.
This is exactly what we stand for.”
Hakan Hintoglu, Director Product Management, Karel Electronics
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CEBP - Communications Enabled Business Process

The eZuce Origin architecture is designed to make CEBP possible. We help ISVs and OEMs integrate communications and collaboration capabilities into their solutions shortening time to market and revenue significantly. Our expert designers and developers work directly with our partners to ensure success. Let eZuce bring unique and differentiated communications and collaboration to your solution.Contact Us
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Avoid Car Rental Terms when Signing up for Cloud Services

While continuously trying to differentiate between service quality and product choices, car rental companies have mastered pricing schemes for their optimal gain.

One no brainer scheme they have successfully used is the unlimited mileage option. It gives peace of mind to the consumer. And it is easy math for the rental company. Agencies know opportunity cost of their fleet being out of the rental lot hence […]