New viewme Video Collaboration Client Version 4.5.1

Release NotesViewme video conferencing

eZuce is pleased to announce the General Availability Release of viewme video collaboration client version 4.5.1. We’ve been working on our new team collaboration client called Vibe but in the process of doing that have added some new features to viewme.

New Features

Conference Room Mode With ‘disable play file’ and ‘always full screen’

For viewme users who would like to setup room systems that must stay in the viewme client application.


New options in Viewme.vmoptions file:


This will enable Conference Room Mode for the client application.


This will make ‘login dialog’ covering whole screen.


This will make ‘previous meetings list window’ covering whole screen.


Disable Screen-Saver when in meeting option

This new option in Menu -> Preferences disables the computer’s screen saver when viewme is running and in a meeting.


New recorder interface

Cleaned up the meeting recording settings.


Editable keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can now be created for almost all viewme client operations. See Menu -> Preferences and then ‘Keyboard shortcuts’ button.


HDMI “Desk Share” using Black Magic video capture device

If you have a Black Magic video capture device on your client, you can now utilize the HDMI input as a video input device during a meeting.

The PCI express Black Magic card grabber can be activated from deskshare, and not from the webcam page.


Resolved Issues

  • Fix which limits the maximum initial size of a detached window to not overflow screen resolution.
  • Fix for Linux workstations that causes them to sometimes displays black H.263+ video from mobile clients.
  • Fix for detached video windows on Macs where viewme client is not displaying all content for some extreme display aspect ratios.
  • Video on Macs is not rendered (frozen) in detached windows when the main viewme window is minimized.
  • Fixed crash when PC user account name contains special (SK, CZ, …) language characters.
  • Fix for DeskShare not grabbing/sending pictures on Mac os/X 10.11 when application is in Full-Screen mode.

Who Should Install

All current users of viewme should use the new version of the viewme client. The client should detect the new version of software and prompt to update automatically.