openUC Release 14.10.1


Several bug fixes and improvements have been combined in this update release to address some specific issues with TCP signaling and a couple small Reach issues.  One bug with the new freeswitch based Park Orbits was also addressed. Additionally a new proxy plugin was added to allow openUC to allow better interoperation with Oracle’s Acme Packet SBC’s.


  1. Full Release Notes are located here:


Who Should Install?

This is a bug fix release that is recommended for all 14.10 installations.

If you have a patch installed to your system a new patch may be required.  Please contact if think you may have a patch applied as that may be replaced during the update.


If you have questions about updating you can email or if you need assistance with the update contact your account manager or email

Specific Issues Addressed

JIRA ID JIRA name RN Content
UC-3438 Create Proxy plugin to solve MoH / Ringing overlap for poorly behaving SBCs The plugin will do the following1. Check if the sipfrag of a notify is a 180 Ringing2. Convert to sipfrag 100 Trying before sending to PolycomEnd result: Polycom will only send BYE upon receipt of sipfrag 200 Ok. The intention is to let MoH play the entire alerting phase.In the old use case where call goes to a mobile phone, sipfrag will be 183 Session Progress. This will not be changed by the plugin. This would result to MoH stopping to avoid the media overlap.

1. Disabled by default

2. Will affect only notifies for event refer

3. Will not have any effect on routing, but would effect when polycom tears down MoH.

This proxy plugin will be an openUC only feature.

XX-11584 Write race on the same TCP socket descriptor Fixed an issue whereby the socket::send operations are not thread safe and there is the possibility of missing some TCP packets if two threads try to grab the same socket at the same time.The race condition applies only to TCP and the involved functions are SipClient::isWritable() and SipClientWriteBuffer::writeMore() since they are run in distinct threads.
XX-11585 TCP failover support Fixed an issue that was caused when a write operation fails, the TCP transport does not look for an alternative flow (or create a new one). This functionality brings this ability to sipXtackLib.
XX-11586 Park – Fail to ringback on key pressed / timeout through SBC Fixed an issue with calls from external numbers that are parked, on timeout or on transfer key pressed the original caller should ring back but when using an SBC the call fails.
XX-11595 Upgrade to 14.10 changes working time attendant schedules Fixed an issue that caused working time attendant to change to UTC.In 14.04.2Working time attendantSelect attendant to be used during working hours. Working hours can be specified once attendant is selected.Monday From: 9:00    AM    To: 06:00 PM

After upgrade in 14.10

Working time attendant

Select attendant to be used during working hours. Working hours can be specified once attendant is selected.

Monday From: 02:00 PM    To: 11:00 PM

UC-3476 Specifying a SIP endpoint for a Reach Agent has no effect Fixed an issue that caused a problem when an agent logged in and specified an SIP endpoint for a phone.Go to the login url with the agent: in the following details:Username: 3000

Password: <pass>

Advanced options:

Press login.

UC-3508 When the agents phone is DND a call is offered over-and-over Fixed an issue with Reach that was caused by Agents putting their phone on DND.Assume we have a Reach agent called John.John sets his Reach status as `Available`.After a while he puts his deskphone on DND.If a call is routed by Reach to this agent while in DND the call is offered again and again to this user, even if the phone returns 486 BUSY.


Special Note:

If you use Unite or XMPP services you may want to use the 14.10.1 stage build which includes an additional fix for XMPP presence (UC-3541).  This patch didn’t make it into the 14.10.1 build.

Please feel free to contact support if you need assistance with modifying your yum repo to point to the following repository: