The eZuce team would like to officially announce that the beta for openUC 15.04 is ready.

If you’d like to do testing please use this repo baseurl:
There is no ISO yet.  Yum installation of a clean system on top of CentOS/RHEL 6.6 64bit minimal or upgrade from 14.04.4 or 14.10.1 ISO is recommended.
Please do not use this in a production environment unless you like living on the edge.  Upgrades from 14.04 and 14.10 have had minimal testing.  Regression testing been completed on the system as a whole.
We’ve completed initial QA on almost all individual issues.  We’d like feedback on all issues identified in the Release Notes.
Special notes on a few issues that have not had QA completed:
UC-2351 and SIPX-16 are still in Code Review.
XX-11281, XX-11601 and XX-111586 have passed Code Review and are awaiting QA.
SIPX-15 is a late add and may be held for a stage release on top of 15.04 / made available in 15.05.
XX-11238 has been reopened as it did not pass QA.
In addition to testing issues in the release notes, community testing and feedback would be appreciated around the following items:
Upgrade testing from 14.04 and 14.10
Mongo and its drivers were updated to 2.6.5 – Testing of database operations around adding / deleting servers, comments on performance issues, etc.
Freeswitch (media services) was updated to 1.4.15 – Testing of all Freeswitch based operations – voicemail, conference bridges, MoH, Park Orbits, CallQueue