eZuce is pleased to announce general availability of openUC 15.04 update (openUC now called Uniteme).

Following quickly on the heels of 14.10.1, the 15.04 release of openUC addresses a number of bugs and adds some additional functionality. The new version contains 20 enhancements and 40 bug fixes.

Customers should expect 15.05 and 15.06 releases and then we’ll slow down to a release cycle of bi-monthly (15.08, 15.10, etc.).  We’re working to find the right cadence for customers, developers and the QA team.

New Features:

  • Add IM ID to initial user creation page
  • Create Proxy plugin to solve MoH / Ringing overlap for poorly behaving SBCs (solves an issue with Acme)
  • Add option to bridge call when transferring through IVR (instead using REFER)
  • Implement expire grace period for registrations
  • Call forward from phone
  • Enable/Disable voicemail deposit option not shown in admin gui
  • Configure SNMP Community String value
  • Reach – Outbound calls recorded now
  • Reach – Show requested skills of Reach call in CDR & Agent Portal


  • TCP failover support.
  • Implement log-callback in order to catch mongo cxx driver’s logs
  • Upgrade Freeswitch to 1.4.15
  • Upgrade Mongo to 2.6.5 including all drivers (Java / C++)
  • Removed Limitations for new SAA Service (TCP/UDP/TLS, GRUU & NAT)
  • Unite – Escape special characters for dialing
  • Reach – Upgraded cowboy libraries
  • Reach – API Documentation


  1. Full Release Notes are located here: http://www.ezuce.com/group/ezuce-documentation/documentation/-/wiki/eZuceTechnicalDocumentation/EZuce+openUC+15.04