eZuce for High Tech Businesses

Increasingly complex business processes necessitate intuitive, instantaneous employee insight to assure competitiveness. High-tech knowledge workers are among the first to ask their IT staff for an up-to-date communications solution. They are eager to use full-featured unified communications and visual collaboration tools that enable a social business environment, driven by presence and allowing many different modes of communication. This need cannot be satisfied with an old legacy system where the upgrade costs are often prohibitive. The user centric enterprise approach supporting bring your own device (BYOD) behavior requires easy integration at the lowest possible cost.

eZuce’s communications infrastructure enables a modern workforce to be productive and be there for their enterprise at the right place, the right time and with the right device. If part of your engineering or support staff is outsourced or overseas, eZuce Uniteme and Viewme solutions empower co-workers to feel valued and being part of the same team.

“With eZuce, we were able to replace a legacy PBX system that required 30 dedicated servers with an open, flexible software solution deployed on just five Linux servers. We estimate that the cost savings in hardware, support and licensing over the next two years will cover the entire cost of deploying eZuce, even though we will add hundreds of new users each year.”
Chris Stierle, Senior Manager, Global Network Services, Red Hat, Inc.
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When it was time to update their communications Infrastructure, Red Hat turned to eZuce.

With limited video integration and no advanced collaboration features, Red Hat’s global network services team had to ask themselves one question: how can we innovate and do more for our users? Learn More

Red Hat uses eZuce openUC (now called Uniteme) to enable remote workers to work anytime, any where, using the communications channel they feel most comfortable with, from mobile video to desktop IM.