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Procare for sipXcom
Procare expert services


  • Access to Technical Assistance Center (TAC) for technical support
  • Problem reporting, tracking and resolution
  • Software maintenance releases
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Access to online support portal and download service
  • Guaranteed escalation and response time


ProCare is a comprehensive technical and product support offering for eZuce’s customers and partners. We utilize our own Uniteme, Reachme, and Viewme products which are fully integrated with best-practice enterprise applications to provide excellent customer experience.

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ProCare Benefits for My Enterprise

Expert Services
“eZuce delivers a solution that allows enterprises to transition from disparate and legacy communications products to a seamless communications and collaboration experience.”
Gerald Stabile, CEO, eZuce, Inc.
“The eZuce Origin architecture is uniquely designed to leverage the latest advances in computing infrastructure bringing unprecedented value to our customers.”
Philippe Galvez, CTO, eZuce,Inc.
“eZuce has been very successful in meeting our customer service level commitments. Utilizing Agile based engineering and operating best practices we have delivered on our commitment to quality, availability and customer satisfaction.”
Osman Duman, COO, eZuce, Inc.

eZuce Procare is a comprehensive technical support services offering for eZuce’s customers and partners. eZuce utilizes its own Uniteme, Reachme and Viewme products which are fully integrated with best-practice enterprise applications to provide excellent customer experience in supporting these very products.

• Simple and complex configuration assistance
• Software upgrade support
• Physical level problem isolation and resolution
• Interoperability problem isolation
• Delivery and installation of resolution for problems

Just to mention a few…

eZuce takes pride in adhering to stringent Service Level Assurance (SLA) terms to assure customer satisfaction.


Communications Enabled Customer Support Services Process

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