SRN research network

eZuce SRN™ Research Network

Video conferencing as-a-service for the research community

Based on eZuce Vibe™, the eZuce SRN video conferencing and collaboration service enables your entire research community  to quickly participate in a video meeting room. It allows individual researchers to have a persistent connection with their peer colleagues and members of their community. Also, rather than limit the service to a few selected hosts, every person in your community has access to the service with the possibility to book or create ad hoc meetings to facilitate real-time collaboration between peers, researchers and partners involved in the same research activity. Our heuristic quality features ensure productive meetings even over unreliable networks.

eZuce SRN for research collaboration

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The eZuce SRN research network enables collaboration on your terms

eZuce SRN for research

Whether one-on-one or meeting with colleagues across the globe, the eZuce SRN research network makes it easy to collaborate and stay on top of all your research activities at the right time, the right place, and from the right device.

eZuce SRN – Improving Results

eZuce SRN for the research community

Every facet of your organization can benefit from our eZuce SRN video collaboration solution. Reduce travel, and save time and money, by conducting roundtable conferences to discuss a research paper, virtual classrooms for hundreds of students and multiple presenters, broadcasting of town hall meeting sessions to expose a research finding with moderated audience and video chat, webinars, and other meetings virtually. The eZuce SRN research network enables real time collaboration as well as the ability to record meetings for future playback. Support your mobile researchers and student enabling them any time access to eZuce SRN.

“We are using SRN every day for our research and it has been a very productive collaboration service to our research.
SRN’s scalability and interoperability with other systems (H.323, SIP) were very important criteria in
our selection of a collaborative tools and SRN went beyond our expectations.”
Dr. Reinhard Eisberg, Audiovisual and Conferencing Service Manager, Institute: Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron - A Research Centre of the Helmholtz Association
“We often have presentations with more than 100 participants, and eZuce SRN is easily able to handle these large numbers.
With participants spread across the US, Europe, Asia and Australia, we look forward to continuing to use eZuce SRN
to bring together our collaboration let us get our work done productively.”
Nelson Christensen - Professor of Physics, Carleton College
Researchers around the world are collaborating daily through a unique service offered by eZuce. The eZuce SRN is a hybrid cloud, highly scalable visual collaboration tool that brings researchers together to share thoughts, ideas and information related to their projects. With over 35 virtual instances of the eZuce Vibe software in place, this global cluster supports existing and new projects and researchers from wherever they are located. Projects such as DESY, the Sorbonne and KEK participate in the SRN today.
Yes, if you currently belong to a research project or are part of a research organization you are eligible to access the SRN.
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SRN Case Study

The Cloud Service Network roots lead back to the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and another Research Community in Geneva, Switzerland with a common interest in the world’s most powerful particle accelerator project, the “Large Hadron Collider”.
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