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Simplifying Unified Communications

eZuce has set the bar for making the transition from legacy communication and collaboration systems simple, easy and cost effective. eZuce Uniteme delivers a standards based enterprise unified communication solution that meets today’s business requirements. Starting with the most flexible infrastructure delivery options available, eZuce understands that within enterprise communications “one size fits all” does not apply. Designed to leverage current technology trends, eZuce allows enterprises to capitalize on the consumerization of IT and the Internet of Things.

Uniteme brings an impressive set of voice features integrated with presence based chat to create a seamless user centric experience.  Built to support ‘My Enterprise’, Uniteme packs enterprise class features while offering users an interactive experience similar to consumer offerings from Skype, Facetime and Google. Making it simple to implement, operate and maintain, eZuce Uniteme offers the most cost-effective and value added solution  in the market today.

The Uniteme Unified Communications Solution

Puts all the enterprise communication tools you need in one integrated UC Application.

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Easy to Operate

Uniteme was designed from the ground up to consume fewer resources, deploy quickly and easily and require less staff. Our unique Origin architecture consumes less than one fifth of the compute footprint in your data center or from the cloud.  Provisioning users, devices, and services is simple and centralized.

Most competitive unified communications offerings are a conglomeration of disparate systems acquired through acquisitions or built as an extension to legacy telephony platforms. Uniteme’s unified communications solution is based on a modern open software design centrally managed through a single web based portal.

User  Centric

User Centric

Uniteme takes a user centric approach to unified communications and collaboration.  This approach ensures that employees are accessible from all of their devices with an integrated suite of products so they can communicate when, how and whereever they need to be.

Uniteme  can help you make your workforce more efficient and productive by providing them with easy access to the tools they need to  communicate effectively and your IT team can be at ease knowing that all users are using the same secure and centrally managed offering.

“eZuce Origin is easy to buy, easy to design and deliver, easy to run and support, easy to integrate, at the best price performance available in the market.”
Wainhouse Research
“We want to support collaboration on any client and on any device no matter where you are.”
Chris Stierle, Red Hat Inc.
eZuce Uniteme is a suite of unified communications applications that seamlessly integrate voicemail, unified messaging, audio conferencing, instant messaging and enterprise class telephony features into a common, easy-to-use My Enterprise. A user centric approach to connecting everyone in the organization to increase productivity and enable success.
That depends! Uniteme can be an extension of your current system to add missing features or it can meet growth requirements saving further investment in an antiquated system. Either way Uniteme can be integrated with existing voice platforms through hardware or software interfaces.
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Even in today’s world of cloud computing and virtualization whats under the hood matters. Whether you are an enterprise delivering communications from your data centers or consuming these services from a cloud provider architecture matters. Read why you should be concerned about the technology behind your unified communications and collaboration applications.Read this White Paper