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Viewme Cloud™
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The Viewme Cloud solution, delivered from eZuce’s global Video Server Cluster (VSC) is offered direct to enterprise as well as to small and medium business (SMB) customers through service providers worldwide. In either scenario, our cloud video conferencing solution can be branded with your company’s logo and colors to create your own look and feel. You can also customize the meeting room experience.



Viewme cloud video conferencing, any time, anywhere, any device
Viewme Cloud video conferencing for the enterprise

Viewme Cloud  for the Enterprise – Viewme Cloud provides your enterprise an on demand,  video conferencing as a service (VaaS) solution built with enterprise requirements in mind. eZuce offers flexible subscription plans to meet the unique use cases found in every organization. At service inception you will get secure and easy access to both administrative and user portals. We provide expert consulting on technical considerations  and use case  scenarios. Unlike other offerings we allow for service badging to enable corporate branding within meeting rooms. Additionally, we supply on demand user training resources.

Viewme cloud video conferencing as a service, VaaS

Viewme Cloud for Service Providers – eZuce’s VaaS offering is designed for resale partners who may not be ready to deliver the service from within their own cloud infrastructure or prefer to offer the resale of the eZuce VaaS service. These flexible subscription plans have been developed to meet the business model and margin requirements of the partner. Both VaaS offerings are delivered from the eZuce cloud and offer many advantages over self-hosted visual collaboration solutions.

Viewme cloud video conferencing, VaaS, for service providers, white label

With Viewme Cloud video conferencing both enterprises and partners can brand the service with their own logo reinforcing their brand internally and externally. Basic meeting room configurations allow you to make simple and easy changes. eZuce also has the capability to brand the client interface to reinforce your brand or messaging, therefore extending your marketing reach out to any user of the service.

“Visual collaboration solutions, such as eZuce’s Viewme Cloud, are opening the doors for increased workplace productivity and stronger interactions between employees, partners and customers. The workforce is changing as more employees are working remotely and from distributed locations. Viewme Cloud looks to address these changing requirements with a collaboration application that effectively brings professionals together no matter where they are located.”
Rob Arnold, Frost & Sullivan
Viewme Cloud provides many benefits not available from other cloud based video services. The user-centric individual meeting room model enables pervasive adoption while increasing team productivity. Viewme Cloud encourages the use of bring your own device (BYOD) across the entire organization as it works on multiple devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops
No. Just click on the link that you were sent and you can join a meeting. No user registration is required and your attendance can be totally anonymous.
The most dynamic experience is with the Viewme client (downloadable here). You can also use the Viewme client application for Apple iOS or Android devices available in their respective App stores.The WebRTC Beta allows Chrome users to join a conference without the need to download a client at all. This can be accessed at: here
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