eZuce unified communications solutions meet all of your unified communications requirements with secure messaging, video conferencing, and voice, and best of all it is easily accessible in the cloud with the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership.

Our solutions have been successfully implemented across a wide range of industries, from Fortune 500 enterprises to major universities. Are you considering the trade-offs between a public cloud and a private cloud offering? As a modern software solution, eZuce provides both, along with the optimal deployment solution for any environment. Our expert solution architects will work with your team to design the best solution for your business.

eZuce visual-interaction solutions

Visual Interaction

At eZuce visual collaboration is pervasive. The power of video is compelling enterprises to adopt new ways to collaborate using smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, room systems, and telepresence solutions via the Internet and mobile networks. Visual interaction brings the human factor into the communication experience like never before. Our patented software architecture brings HD video to Apple, Android, Windows, and Linux powered devices to capture the essence of everyone using the solution. With Viewme your entire organization can be there and communicate face to face with colleagues, customers, and partners.

eZuce Viewme for Visual Collaboration

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The Visual Difference

eZuce Visual Communications Solutions

The eZuce Viewme video collaboration solutions enable visual interaction with face-to-face communication. With Viewme Cloud your enterprise is able to meet virtually anytime, anywhere, on any device. Seeing your colleagues, customers, or team members  is important and facilitates a more dynamic and interactive conversation. Viewme Cloud enhances communication and adds a vital visual element. Visual interaction is more stimulating, and engaging keeping participants active and more engaged in your meetings. Visual collaboration also contributes to quicker response rates and faster processing times.

eZuce voice solutions


Replace your PBX with a cost effective, software based solution.   Uniteme’s standards based voice services offer active, highly available call routing, registration, voice messaging, interactive voice response and music on hold services. Ease of implementation, reliability, operation and maintenance are key differentiators for the Uniteme platform.  Highly available clusters of servers can be built out in a matter of hours. Maintenance is completed through an easy to use web interface. Upgrades are accomplished in minutes.  Using standards based equipment from leading manufacturers keeps long term costs down.

eZuce instant messaging, team chat solutions

Chat / Instant Messaging

Uniteme’s highly available Enterprise Instant Messaging is based on the open XMPP standard.  This means you can use eZuce’s web and mobile clients for interacting with instant messaging and any XMPP compatible client your users might prefer. Multiparty chat rooms with persistent chat history offer an excellent means of collaborating amongst teams.  Additionally, the IM services can federate easily with other XMPP servers across the Internet to easily communicate with other organizations. Additionally tight integration with Uniteme’s voice services allows for showing on and off the phone integrated directly with XMPP presence.

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Mobile workers are the new norm in the business world. Uniteme doesn’t disappoint here with many different avenues available to workers and administrators. eZuce’s own Uniteme mobile client allows the user to bring their deskphone and instant messaging with them utilizing the user’s phone data plan.  Another option is to utilize Uniteme’s call forwarding capabilities to be able to set call forwarding based on user defined schedules. Lastly all of eZuce’s user portal functions are available through an HTML5 based client for access on any mobile device.

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Remote Workforce

Uniteme offers the ability for knowledge workers to be communications enabled no matter where they are located.  Multiple options exist within the Uniteme system. Our best of breed client software allows the worker on the go to seamlessly connect from inside or outside the corporate network. Flexible call routing and scheduling can also be utilized to route calls to different devices at different times. Instant messaging also plays an important role with a remote workforce by enabling them to feel like they are part of a connected community. Seamless integration between Uniteme and Viewme bridges the gaps left by other vendor’s solutions. Viewme enables your entire workforce to stay connected with access to their own personal video collaboration meeting room. Viewme can be accessed on any device enabling workers to engage with customers, peers, and team mates any time, and anywhere.

help-desk solutions, support, customer service

Help Desk

Help Desks and Contact Centers have historically relied on stand-alone purpose-built communications infrastructure. Well, not anymore. Unified Communications technology has changed all that. Help Desk / Contact Center functionality is now a feature of unified communications systems. This eliminates the need to support a separate, siloed communications infrastructure. Reachme offers this added feature on Uniteme. Reachme delivers the automatic call distribution (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR) and other required functionality to make help desk / call center agents and supervisors more productive, at 60 percent of the cost of competing call-center solutions.

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Managed Services

More often than ever before enterprises are looking to consume IT solutions under a managed service. eZuce supports providing unified communications and collaboration as a service. Our software was designed for cloud, hybrid cloud and premised based deployments. With our centralized, easy to use and operate management capabilities, we enable our partners and enterprise customers to deliver communications under a managed service. Open API libraries allow for customization and integration with other provisioning, billing, monitoring, analytic and management platforms to create a truly differentiated experience. The economics of an eZuce based managed service are compelling. By reducing production and operating costs for managed service providers we provide the opportunity to capitalize on this emerging trend in unified communications and collaboration market.

Communication-Enabled Business Process Solutions

Communication-Enabled Business Process

eZuce’s rich set of REST API’s allows for complex integrations with any line of business application that is open to integration. Whether you are considering streamlining your employee on-boarding process or offering click to call from within applications there are API’s to accomplish your goals.  eZuce makes available API documentation for Uniteme, Viewme, and Reachme.