May 19, 2016

sipXcom GA Release Summary
eZuce is pleased to announce the General Availability Release of sipXcom 16.04.                      goodbuy SIPfoundry hello sipXcom

Thanks for the huge number of community contributions! IANT (Yealink & Polycom updates), Telecats (CDR fix), Domenico Chierico (sipx-102), Joao Verissimo (Portugese updates, empty phonebook button) and Sebastien Hache (sipXdashboard). This is great to see. We’re trying to be more responsive in picking these up.

Also as always, thanks to the Dev & QA team at eZuce for their excellent work on this release.

There are 48 issues (enhancements / fixes) addressed for sipXcom in this release.

We’ll be skipping the 16.06 release to dedicate some time to next generation sipXcom work. The next release of sipXcom will be 16.08. We do however expect to be backporting some items to 16.04.stage as needed.

sipXcom GA Release Highlights

sipXcom New Features:

  • Several UniteWeb (new user portal) enhancements and fixes
  • sipXdashboard installable from command line (Community Contribution)
  • Send phone profiles with REST API
  • Control user MoH from API

sipXcom Improvements:

  • Yealink plugin updates (Community Contribution)
  • Polycom phone configuration updates (Community Contribution)
  • Empty phonebook button added
  • Search in Admin Portal now includes Fax Extension and Fax DID

sipXcom Notes

Full Release Notes with installation information are located here:

Who Should Install?

This release is recommended for all 4.6 and later installations.


Please post to the sipXcom-users google group if you have questions.!forum/sipxcom-users

Specific Issues Addressed

Specific issues can be located in the detailed release notes in the wiki at: