sipXcom supportIt has been a long time in coming, but eZuce will begin offering technical support and a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for the open source software at sipXcom (formerly SIPFoundry sipXecs).  sipXcom ProcareTM will be available starting August 1st, 2016 to resellers and service providers who use sipXcom open source software as part of their solution set.  With millions of downloads and an extensive network of end users, resellers and service providers utilizing the open source version of the eZuce software, we felt it was time to provide a guaranteed level of support that went beyond tradition Level 1 and 2 technical assistance.  By offering Level 3 technical support and software maintenance with guaranteed response and resolution times, we can effect two very significant objectives that will greatly benefit sipXcom users.

Expert Technical Assistance

  • Guaranteed Level 3 Response Times
  • Guaranteed Resolution Times
  • Level 3 and Engineering Support from the developers of the code
  • Access to Technical Documentation

Software Maintenance

  • Shorter and More Frequent Bug and Patch Turn Around Time
  • Expedited Enhancement Requests
  • Visibility to sipXcom Roadmap
  • Access to Development Engineers

First and foremost, by guaranteeing this level of support and maintenance on the open source code, users and providers have the assurance of effective and responsive support from the experts who develop the open source code.  This has only been available in the past if you implemented the eZuce commercial versions (openUC and Uniteme).    With this level of support, enterprises can be assured that they can implement the open source version with confidence that a commercial support capability is available to back up the software and provide expert direction with committed response and resolution times.

Additionally, by default, patches and fixes to the open source code will be more timely and extensive than in the past as sipXcom users and providers will benefit from the guaranteed resolution times extended through the offering.   Historically, you needed to run the commercial eZuce software to get quick response and fixes to bugs in the code.   These fixes were not immediately available to the open source versions.   By providing this support, the open source users with sipXcom ProCare support will now be able to influence the software feature sets in future releases.

Unlike the commercial support and SLA available on the eZuce Uniteme commercial version of the software which is based on license counts, sipXcom Procare will be available on a per incident basis allowing users, resellers and service providers the ability to access the benefits of the service on an as needed basis. The service comes with a documented service delivery agreement. This agreement details the cost of the sipXcom Procare service, how to access the trouble ticketing system, support definitions and related response and resolution times. Support subscribers will also gain access to technical documentation and special offers.

For information about sipXcom Procare and pricing, please contact us at  You can also see a comparison of the service deliverables available as part of the sipXcom Procare and Uniteme Procare here.