eZuce Inc, the leading global provider of cloud based communications and collaboration solutions for large enterprises, today announces the availability of openUC™ 14.04.03.

To learn more about this release:
If you have questions about updating you can email sa@ezuce.com or if you need assistance with the update contact your account manager or email sales@ezuce.com.

Summary of 14.04.03

  • Several fixes and improvements have been combined in this update release to improve overall system SIP message processing performance as well as improving the efficiency of system CPU utilization. To improve SIP message processing performance the following MongoDB related improvements are included:
  • Change to the MongoDB driver so that it can choose a database server across a WAN connection if latency to the far node was less than 15ms.
  • Reduced the number of MongoDB queries required to process each SIP message by reading information once and making that information available to all Proxy plugins.
  • Removed some custom MongoDB C++ changes and introduced a timeout value for database reads/writes. openUC also exposes these timeout values so that administrators can easily tune the system for their own environment.
  • Overall CPU utilization improvements across the platform and providing break out of alarm related logs. This includes media related services (voicemail, conferencing, MoH) and the proxy’s transaction cleanup routine (garbage collector).
  • Added MongoDB C++ driver logging to be able to get better information about MongoDB operations.
  • Improvements in memory utilization with Instant Messaging and devices using TCP SIP messaging.


  • For additional Release Notes and information visit the eZuce Portal: http://www.ezuce.com/group/ezuce-documentation/documentation/-/wiki/eZuceTechnicalDocumentation/EZuce+openUC+14.04
    Proper login credentials are required.
  • Please ensure to pay specific attention to the Installation and Upgrade Notes section with respect to 14.04.3. A change to databases is required.
  • DNS continues to be critical to openUC operating properly. Please follow existing procedures as stated in the release notes. Monitoring sipXproxy.log for DNS related log messages can help identify problems before Proxy services capacity is reached.

Who Should Install?

This is a fix release that is recommended for all 14.04 installations. Contact eZuce sales or your solution architect for more advice or help with an upgrade.
Additional News!

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The eZuce webinar series presents “How Traditional UC Architecture Kills Innovation” with special guest speaker and author Phil Edholm of UC Strategies and former CTO at Nortel.

During this session we will:

  • Summarize the latest research findings around UC architecture
  • Discuss the importance of communications system architecture and why it matters
  • Outline the common challenges experienced with traditional solutions
  • Review alternative architecture options and strategies
  • Provide attendees access to the latest UC Strategies research

Phil is the President and Founder of PKE Consulting and works with clients to deliver the value of the integration of information and interaction. Phil has over 30 years’ experience in creating innovation and transformation in networking and communications. Prior to founding PKE, he was CTO/CSO for the Nortel Enterprise business where he led the development of VoIP solutions and multimedia communications as well as IP transport technology. His background includes extensive LAN and data communications experience, including 13 years with Silicon Valley start-ups.

Phil is recognized as an industry leader and visionary. In 2007, he was recognized by Frost and Sullivan with a Lifetime Achievement Award for Growth, Innovation and Leadership in Telecommunications. Phil is a widely sought speaker and has been in the VoiceCon/Enterprise Connect Great Debate three times. He has been recognized by the IEEE as the originator of “Edholm’s Law of Bandwidth” as published in July 2004 IEEE Spectrum magazine and as one of the “Top 100 Voices of IP Communications” by Internet Telephony magazine. Phil was a member of the IEEE 802.3 standards committee, developed the first multi-protocol network interfaces, and was a founder of the Frame Relay Forum. Phil has 13 patents and holds a BSME/EE from Kettering University.