• Big Data Insight BPI

Big Data Insight Out

Crossing the recent frontier of integration with big data analytics, the role of business process integration in helping businesses compete has increased by an order of magnitude. Insight is the learnings from observing knowledge against facts and occurrences. It is the new currency for BPI.
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  • ProCare Technical Support brochure cover

ProCare Technical Support brochure

eZuce Procare is a comprehensive technical support offering for customers and partners. eZuce takes a unique approach in taking care of its customers by utilizing the very same products it markets. Viewme, Uniteme and Reachme products are fully integrated with best practice enterprise applications.
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Boost Your Business Process Integration with Video

Business Process Integration (BPI) connects systems and information, streamlining processes and workflows across marketing, sales, customer service, production, and supply chain management that are otherwise not integrated.
Data, information, and even knowledge are securely shared across applications in real time. BPI makes businesses smart and efficient. However, BPI can only go so far in automating your job! […]

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  • back office in the cloud

Gigaom Research: Back office in the cloud

Avoid business disruption with back office in the cloud. Consumerization drove the first wave of cloud-based IT disruption, as employees replaced traditional enterprise productivity tools with user-friendly, rapidly provisioned services originally developed with consumer requirements in mind. IT professionals inside the enterprise are driving a second wave of disruption and displacement, which is aimed at the private branch exchange (PBX), the call center, and other core back-office functions. In this research report, we explore some of the advantages offered by a software-based approach and offer IT decision makers and managers insight derived from early adopters.
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App Store Cloud Service for the Enterprise

When management invests in a "Me Too" product or solution in the area that should generate the most revenue and profit going forward, the company is in for a tough time...The need for differentiation is inevitable and it is evidenced by many system integrators, carriers and hosters.
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