• Uniteme and Reachme

uniteme and reachme Beta Release 17.08

August 23, 2017
eZuce is pleased to announce the 17.08 Beta Release of the uniteme unified communications and reachme contact center solutions. As a beta release, some of these notes may be revised before the actual release.

We’ve been busy since 17.04! While we’ve been working hard on the next generation ‘Docker-ized’ version of uniteme and reachme we’ve added […]

  • UNiteme Reachme 17.04 new GA release

uniteme and reachme General Availability Release 17.04

April 18, 2017
eZuce is pleased to announce the General Availability Release of uniteme and reachme 17.04.

As with the previous two releases, we’re continuing to focus more on fixes and minor improvements in uniteme as work continues on the next generation of code. Unite Web (the new User Portal) gains the ability to disable certain user functionality […]

  • Uniteme Product Description

Uniteme Unified Communications Product Description

  • Uniteme Web Portal User Guide

Unite Web User Portal Guide