uniteme and reachme Release 15.08 – General Availability


eZuce is pleased to announce general availability of uniteme and reachme 15.08.  uniteme is the new product name for openUC and reachme is the new product name for Reach.  Along with our visual collaboration tool viewme this completes our new branding to tie in with our new corporate ‘My Enterprise’ messaging. My Enterprise is our new initiative where we take a user centric approach, empowering individuals to adopt technology for a more productive workplace, my workplace, My Enterprise. We believe that your entire organization will benefit from our seamless visual interaction and communication solutions enabling them to be there at the right place, at the right time, with the right device.

We have some exciting integrations coming for the products as we push the boundaries of what communications means within organizations.

For uniteme and reachme we’ve moved to a 2 month release cycle now following two one month cycles.  We’ll see how this new cadence suits our teams and customers. Overall the release contains a little over 100 new features, improvements and fixes.


uniteme New Features:

  • Call Back on Busy
  • Voicemail forward to eMail and Delete from Mailbox
  • More efficient handling of SIP CANCEL requests
  • Define a call queue exit key in sipXcallqueue
  • Set outbound SIP Port for Voicemail dial plan to aid with Exchange/Office365 Voicemail configuration

uniteme Improvements:

  • openUC Rebrand to uniteme
  • Licensing Enhancements – 45 Day Grace Period from Installation
  • Marshal notifies with 180 for call transfers to be converted to a 100 trying
  • Utilize MongoDB TTL Feature on Documents to time out Registrations and Subscriptions
  • Allow for longer re-transmits of SIP UDP and TCP packets
  • Yealink phone enhancements / fixes
  • Configurable number of digits to be collected by Auto Attendant
  • LDAP Alarms if problems occur during normal operation
  • Change the backup path for automatic backups
  • Improve GridFSVoicemailTool.java to accept DAYS, USER, and FOLDER to purge all voicemail older than DAYS

reachme New Features:

  • User Profiles for Agents and Supervisors
  • Pass Custom SIP Headers

reachme Improvements:

  • Show error for invalid credentials when logging into reachme
  • Notify reachme agent with Audio tone if they get set Released
  • Limit number of logged in users for reachme (Licensing)
  • Add ability for reachme Agent using * code to end wrap


  1. Full Release Notes with installation information are located here: http://wiki.ezuce.com/group/ezuce-documentation/documentation/-/wiki/eZuceTechnicalDocumentation/EZuce+UniteMe+15.08

Who Should Install?

This release is recommended for all 4.6 and later installations.

If you have a patch installed to your system a new patch may be required.  Please contact sa@ezuce.com if think you may have a patch applied as that may be replaced during the update.


If you have questions about updating you can email sa@ezuce.com or if you need assistance with the update contact your account manager or email sales@ezuce.com.

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