Uniteme UC and Reachme Contact Center 16.04 General Availability

SummaryUniteme UC and Reachme Contact Center

eZuce is pleased to announce the General Availability of our Uniteme Unified Communications and Reachme Contact Center solutions.

We continue to refine and update the current generation of Uniteme and Reachme with release 16.04. This release has combined 77 enhancements or fixes for the two products.

We’re excited that we’re starting to see more contributions from the sipXcom open source community. These contributions include:

  • Several Polycom and Yealink plugin updates
  • A command line installable dashboard (http://wiki.sipxcom.org/display/sipXcom/Dashboard)
  • Updates to Portuguese language pack
  • Admin Portal button to empty uploaded CSV phonebook entries
  • Call Detail Records fix

We will not issue a 16.06 release as our developers will be spending a little extra time working on the next generation of code. The next release of uniteme and reachme will be 16.08. We will backport needed fixes as far back as 15.10 as required during this period.


Uniteme New Features:

  • Several UniteWeb (new user portal) enhancements and fixes
  • sipXdashboard installable from command line (Community Contribution)
  • Send phone profiles with REST API
  • Control user personal Music on Hold (MoH) from API
  • Added a new voicemail backup script to archive voicemail for a specific user to disk or FTP
  • View Call Detail for a specific Time Zone

Uniteme Improvements:

  • Option to disable user welcome emails
  • Yealink plugin updates
  • Polycom phone configuration updates
  • Empty phonebook button added
  • Search in Admin Portal now includes Fax Extension and Fax DID

Reachme New Features:

  • Enable / Disable Backup of Recordings
  • Allow archiving of Reach Recordings to a specific location
    • Moves recordings out of MongoDB
    • Allows archived recordings to still be accessed from Portal
    • Removes recordings from archives after configurable number of days
  • Configurable Auto Release of Reach Agent after X unanswered calls
  • Added a new Recipe criteria for checking the current skills on a call with a list of skills selected in a recipe step

Reachme Improvements:

  • Configurable call segment chunk processing to better control load on server
  • Stats processing only when agents are logged in
  • Cleaned up temporary storage of recordings and queue voicemail recordings


  1. Full Release Notes with installation information are located here: 16.04 Full Release Notes

Who Should Install?

This release is recommended for all 4.6 and later installations. If you have a patch installed to your system a new patch may be required. Please contact sa@ezuce.com if think you may have a patch applied as that may be replaced during the update.

eZuce’s software products continuously progress through an Agile based development methodology that keeps feature functionality comprehensive and up-to-date in response to evolving market and customer requirements.

New software releases are made at a rate of four to six releases a year. Releases are numbered in the <yy>.<mm>.<uu> format where <yy> and <mm> designate the year and the month, respectively, in which a release is made generally available. Where applicable, <uu> corresponds to an update release relative to a general release on which fixes are made available.

In order to assure service continuity and stability, customers may keep their production environments unchanged for up to a 6-month period during which release updates or patches are made available. After a release is more than 6-month old, eZuce customers would have to upgrade to the latest release generally available release – inclusive of all fixes to date and any new patches.


If you have questions about updating you can email sa@ezuce.com or if you need assistance with the update contact your account manager or email sales@ezuce.com.

Specific Issues Addressed

Specific issues can be located in the detailed release notes in the wiki at: http://wiki.ezuce.com/display/unite/uniteme+16.04