Viewme Release Advances Real Time Communications with New Features

Viewme 4.0.3 Summary

November 23, 2015

Today eZuce released the latest version of its Viewme video collaboration client which advances real-time communications by enabling participants to switch from meeting to meeting from within their collaboration room, group videos when a user has multiple cameras on their system, and display picture in picture when users open their deskshare.This new release contains a number of other new features as well as some bug fixes.

Watch a quick video describing some of the new features:


Viewme New Features:

  • Transcoded videos now include user nicknames in the window.
  • Video grouping if a user has multiple cameras on their system.
  • Picture in picture when user opens deskshare.
  • Previous meeting list /join  another meeting at meeting exit.
  • When in Aparté new deskshare sessions are between Aparté participants only.
  • Client remembers last video mode used and uses that in new meeting.
  • At login window press CTRL-L to copy previous logs.
  • Add Turkish translation to desktop clients.

Viewme Fixes:

  • Fix for some viewme GUI issues
  • CVO file (meeting file) handling fix
  • Fixed camera crash on Mac where camera would stop
  • Fix some issues with SIP SDP (Session Description Protocol)
  • SIP NAT (Network Address Translation) fixes
  • SIP Registration fix


  1. Please see the new Viewme wiki page available to eZuce customers at
  2. Helpful videos are available here:

Who Should Upgrade

All Viewme users should upgrade to the latest client version.

Upgrade Instructions:

Users should automatically be prompted to download and install the new version when they first run the application after the version has been made available.

Users may manually get the download from

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